Collecting actionable data surrounding patient visits is critical to helping healthcare organizations improve the patient experience, increase team satisfaction and reduce operating costs. However, traditional methods for capturing these data are often cumbersome, confusing and overly generic. Enter our newest client: Bivarus.

Bivarus helps healthcare organizations capture and operationalize patient experience data and insights to improve care and service operations. In concert with its consulting team, the company’s real-time analytics platform is the first and only software service to capture targeted and actionable patient-generated insights, which therefore can increase response rates triple-fold and decrease costs up to ten-fold compared to traditional approaches. Hospitals and other healthcare providers can leverage the real-time analytics platform to gain meaningful insights into the unique drivers impacting patient experience, buying behavior and provider performance.

In addition, Bivarus’ recent acquisition of The Jackson Group, Inc., a leading healthcare-focused measurement and consulting firm, now expands Bivarus’ offerings to include CAHPS® administration and related consulting services.

Bivarus is partnering with R+M to differentiate their brand in the marketplace through our proprietary THIRST process, which will lay the foundation for an all-encompassing Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and brand experience that emotionally connects with Bivarus customers. In addition, R+M will be aiding the Bivarus team in development of a service offering architecture that more clearly defines the relationship and value of Bivarus and The Jackson Group’s newly aggregated service offerings. Together, these services will help define Bivarus’ position as a leading provider of patient-centered analytics.

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