Lead Generation + Nurturing with Marketing Automation

Market Smarter with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation provides such measurable rewards that it’s well worth taking the time to get it right from the get-go. A well-crafted, measurable marketing automation strategy streamlines your marketing with content that relevantly nurtures each prospect. When you market smarter, it empowers sales to deliver the right conversation at the right time. And by aligning marketing and sales, you deliver a consistent experience that turns prospects into customers.

Our process covers the following:

Identify Audience

In order to generate, qualify and nurture leads and improve sales conversions, we gain a keen understanding of your target audiences’ values and behaviors.

  • Values of interest
  • Relevant topics and conversations
  • Purchasing motivation
  • Buy cycle behaviors

Identify Content

We establish a thoughtful content marketing strategy that connects existing and future content with relevant topics and conversations, ensuring you get to the heart of what your target audience values.

  • Auditing existing content
  • Repurposing to extend life cycle
  • Determining gaps for new content
  • Prioritize development

Execute Communications

We create an experience that efficiently nurtures prospects into customers, to help you deliver highly personalized communications across multiple channels.

  • Experience creation
  • Value-based communication
  • Channel integration

Measure Behavior

To determine how well your communications are converting leads, we aggregate, score and analyze each engagement.

  • Landing pages, forms, downloads
  • Conversion rates
  • Custom behavior alerts
  • Lead scoring

Segment and Nurture

Before creating new automated programs, we segment audiences to better nurture and qualify leads with personalized, well-timed content.

  • List segmentation
  • Message refinement
  • Automated programs
  • Cross-directional CRM Integration

Analyze Performance

By accurately measuring audience, content, channel and campaign performance, we optimize your efforts and continuously improve future SEO and marketing automation cycles.

  • Campaign measurement
  • Channel performance analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Competitive insights
  • SEO

R+M provides strategic consulting and support around helping clients optimize their marketing automation investment. We can help you develop, execute and manage strategies that align marketing and sales and ultimately turn marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads.

R+M is a brand experience agency focused on companies that positively impact how we live, strengthened by our center of excellence on high-growth brands in transition.