Beverly R. Murray

Founder + Unquenchable Thirst

Badges bring smiles. Wondering why?

Smarty Pants Badgepets at work badge, pet parent

Ever wonder what you’ll get if you mix the brain of a scientist with the curiosity of a toddler? That would be our fearless leader and the founder of R+M. With more than three decades in marketing and creative direction, Beverly has yet to meet a creative challenge she won’t tackle. With a relentless spirit, she’ll lead a brand strategy meeting, draft a marketing plan, participate in a creative ideation session and serve on a community board … and that’s just Monday. She firmly believes M&Ms are a food group.  |  919.677.9555 ext. 11

Things I Love

R+M is a brand experience agency focused on companies that positively impact how we live, strengthened by our center of excellence on high-growth brands in transition.