Blair Hamlett

Junior Art Director + Choreographer

Nailing it. Curious?

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Blair brings the same dedication and enthusiasm to design that she does to her second vocation – BODYJAM™ instructor. (Think of it as “Sweatin’ to the New-ies.”) Our Choreographer isn’t afraid to get out there and put design, color and typography through their paces. She’s an NC State grad with a sister at Carolina and brother at App State. (That’s a “house divided,” although the Hamletts are pretty tight.) When she travels, she’s a notorious photo taker, filling up memory cards like they grow on trees. (“Hey, that’s a beautiful tree, let me take a picture.”) She’s obsessed with flowers and Pirate’s Booty. Blair’s a peanut M&M girl, but she can’t eat them because, like all of us, she can’t stop herself.  |  919.677.9555 ext. 21

Things I Love