Chloe Hockham

Senior Brand Strategist + Professionally Cheeky

Chloe Hockham

Nailing it. Curious?

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The swiss-army knife of R+M and every client’s fast friend, Chloe is a Business Administration graduate from NC State with a marketing concentration. Originally from across the pond in Hampshire, UK, Chloe brings to R+M her global fascination and relentless desire to learn how and why we humans do such similar things, yet in such vastly different ways. Pair that with the independence, initiative, and drive that sparked a solo backpacking adventure through 8 countries in 8 weeks … and that’s our Chloe.

Now what type of M&Ms does she like? “All of them,” she says – but if I were you, I wouldn’t get in between her and a sharing size bag of Peanut M&Ms.  |  919.677.9555



Things I Love

Chloe Hockham loves butterflies

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