Gray Sandford

Associate Creative Director + Why Guy

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Gray’s incessant search for understanding may seem innocent and pure, but don’t let his child-like sense of wonder fool you.

Creative Circus alum and ad guy for well over a decade, Gray knows the importance of understanding ‘the why’ behind every action. From the Omnicom behemoth agencies of NYC to the nimble smaller shops of San Diego and now Raleigh, Gray has followed his inquisitive nature and unrelenting drive to make people think from coast to coast.

A truly creative and conceptual thinker, when Gray’s not defining your brand voice or crafting your brand manifesto, he’s probably not listening to whatever his girlfriend just said because he’s still thinking about defining your brand voice and crafting your brand manifesto. Gray can also be found laughing it up with friends, catching live music, playing and watching sports, or apologizing to his girlfriend. All…while listening to Phish.

Likes chocolate and the letter ‘m’, especially together.  |  919.677.9555 ext. 17

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