Lauren McPhaul

Director of Brand Strategy + Jumpmaster

Killing it. Click + Learn

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Our Jumpmaster is all about taking big leaps. Whether that’s skydiving out of a plane, braving class V rapids, or beasting the infamous Hot Ones Challenge without breaking a sweat, Lauren tackles new challenges with her heart all in. Combine that fearlessness with her calm demeanor, and you’ve got the perfect mix to help guide brands to safety after taking that scary next step.

Spearheading R+M’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative, Lauren collaborates with internal leadership to develop conscious business practices that uplift employee dignity and belonging. She also loves applying this expertise towards R+M’s brands, coaching them on how to uniquely articulate and advance their commitment to DEI within their brand lane.

“Impact-driven brands have a pivotal opportunity to activate equitable change, strengthening employee and customer brand loyalty and solidifying their marketplace relevance. I am deeply inspired by helping companies more fully live their brand promise by embedding DEI into their core organizational and operational DNA.”

On a lighter note, her absolute favorite food is fruit (yes, the entire food group), so of course her favorite M&Ms are dark chocolate & raspberry. Say what?!  |  919.677.9555 ext. 18

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