No, I don’t mean literally. And yes, I do mean literally. While I’m not a toilet buff, I am a brand fanatic. And as an authority on the topic (brands not toilets) I feel it’s my duty to remind you that every single communication, including your bathroom, is part of your brand-building experience. If you think I’m joking, have a seat …


This brand throne belongs to Dragon-i, in Hong Kong. Every aspect of their communications is infused with their personality and aligned with their position. Dragon-i is branded as “Asia’s most creative and eclectic vision of lounge, dining and partying for the global glitterati.” OMG! How perfect is this bathroom? You cannot overlook how their compliance with their brand affects the overall experience. This is probably the most perfect example of fully living your brand that I’ve personally witnessed to date.

Ok, I’m not suggesting you need to go bedazzle your bathroom. I’m suggesting that you take into consideration what your brand message is and make sure your conveying that message at every single interaction – whether that’s an internal or external communication.

Get Your Off-Brand Messages Back On Track

I know I know, all the heads of marketing are saying, “I have bigger things to deal with right now and the bathroom is not at the top of my priorities!” But at the very least, make a list of every communication your company expresses. From answering the phone, to the sign on the door, to … you guessed it, the bathroom. And identify where your brand is “on” or “off” message. Tackle it when you can, just don’t overlook it. Also, discuss with all the members of your company about how each communication plays a critical role in delivering overall brand experience. The image you set inside your company sets the tone for how your colleagues will convey your brand. You give it attention and they will too. Or at least they’ll wipe up the counter from time to time.

brand toilet

Here’s another example, not as fancy as Dragon-i but it shouldn’t be. It’s our bathroom. And while our clientele isn’t the global glitterati, they do appreciate the value of creating a holistic brand experience.

Give us a shout out if your brand is in the toilet.