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James brings Gulf Coast sunshine, sass, and flair to R+M. A spicy and overflowing mix of talents, this artist also has a love of all things music and can play the drums, piano, and guitar — plus, they’ve got some pipes in their musical bag by way of one stellar set of vocal cords.

James discovered their deep love of color and typography, and the feelings they can evoke while studying architecture at Louisiana State University (LSU). They began to realize the impact they wanted to have on the world — to make it more colorful, inventive, and connected by creating things that change the way people see and experience it.

Intent on turning that vision into reality, James honed their skills around the Baton Rouge area while designing publications for LSU. They also rebranded a traditional French bakery and led the design efforts of a restaurant franchise that grew from 15 locations to over 60 in 11 states during their time.

Whether through their art or through their heart, making people happy is James’ passion — as is their beloved pup Teddy (ask them about the time he ate a whole cake), their love of music, and a well-deserved afternoon tending to their plants.

Say Hi to James@rmagency.com

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