Intern Q+A

Great questions submitted through the internship application form. We will keep this Intern Q+A updated weekly. Thanks to all for your interest!

Intern Q+A
Q: Is this a remote internship? A: Yup. With all the virtual face time you can handle. Safety first.
Q: Even though this is a virtual internship, I’m curious about the actual office and work environment. What’s it like? A: It’s great, everyone has individual offices, we have shared spaces for ideations and meetings, we’re dog -friendly, have a cereal bar, and a water bar, and play UNO every day… (all pre-COVID of course) and can’t wait to get back to it.
Q: Will I get to come to your office?
A: The jury is out on that, let’s see how COVID is treating us in 2022. The safety of our team is priority #1.
Q: What is some advice you would give to interns? A: Experience everything. Ask a lot of questions. This is your opportunity to understand, learn and bring your opinions to the table. Your opinion matters, voice it. You never know what idea it may spark in another.
Q: What are the day-to-day tasks/responsibilities expectations of Interns? A: Please see the role responsibilities listed below.
Q: What would you best like to see out of your interns?
We’re looking for people who are passionately curious, not afraid to use their voice, and who enthusiastically dive into new things. Show up, create solutions, be inquisitive and proactive. Find that beautiful balance between a dreamer and a doer. Explore all sides of the “marketing” industry with us: strategists, designers, writers, and the very fine art of relationship management. Remind us what you are bringing to the table and don’t be afraid to teach others. We can learn from each other.
Q: What are some favorite workplace traditions or aspects of the company culture? A: UNO, of course! And sharing day-to-day laughter, helping each other, just feeding off positive energy. Can’t wait to get our crew back together.
Q: Are you paying interns? A: Yes. Details are provided to interview candidates.
Q: What are some of the things you learned early on in your profession, that you would like to share with a college student? A: Ask a lot of smart questions, it’s the first step to strategy. We consider it a window into your thought process, a passion for knowledge, and the trait of a critical thinker. We hire brains, not bodies.
Q: I think you can tell a lot about someone’s management style by the type of animal they perceive themselves to be… what animal do you think you are? A: Representing our entire agency … as “one” animal, hmm … we’re more like a pack of amazingly different creatures that know how to work as a team. Each taking the lead with their core talents when needed, never letting another fall behind. A strong culture and the ability to move as one are key traits of a successful branding “animal.”
Q: What does a routine day or routine week look like at R+M?
A: While there is a “routine,” as an agency managing multiple brands, where every brand has unique needs, our days are guided by those needs. I believe we would all agree that every week we’re meeting with clients, strategizing on building brands that connect with their audience, and producing creative that resonates. Plus, a lot of relationship management in-between.
Q: How will feedback be provided throughout the internship?
A: You’ll log both your activities, as well as your learnings on an accomplishment tracking sheet. This will create a valuable summary of your activities at the end of the internship. Attached to this sheet is an assessment of your performance and interactions. In turn, you will also be providing a performance evaluation on your internship experience with us. Sharing constructive criticism makes us all better.
Q: Does this position have the opportunity for advancement within the company or the opportunity to become a full-time employee following the internship?
A: The focus of our internship program is to provide young professionals with real work experience in a creative agency environment. New positions and promotions are evaluated based on internal resources and expertise, economic conditions, and growth needs.
Q: What does R+M have to work on to maintain its status as a B Corporation, what does it do well to uphold its standards? A: Every three years, R+M completes a re-assessment to ensure we are engaging in a high level of impact with all of our stakeholders  – this entails a questionnaire with ~200 questions measuring our impact on our team, community, environment, and customers. We have an internal B Corp Objective team that helps us stay on track In between assessments and guides goal-setting initiatives to help us embrace a culture of continuous improvement. Learn more about what it means to be a B Corp!
Q: What is your favorite part of working in the industry?

A: At R+M we have the ability to wrap our arms fully around every part of the brands we manage. Helping them succeed in their missions that positively impact the world in which we live is fulfilling.

Brands shape culture and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. They have the power to shape the way we think, what we do, what we buy, and begin to form opinions. Brands have the power to create change and impact, and that’s why we love being in this space and using it for good.


Example: Intern Role Responsibilities

  • Assist in developing client branding campaigns, brand & project briefs
  • Provide input in all working sessions 
  • Support brand strategist with client meeting or presentation prep
  • Attend client meetings, design meetings and strategy ideations
  • Help with data entry of client information, client relationship building
  • Assist with proofreading copy, designs, layouts and mechanicals
  • Work on specific project initiatives such as back-end SEO, web content edits or writing press releases
  • Assist in creating or maintaining project schedules and google analytics reports
  • Create, edit, and help to implement marketing plans
  • Participate with blog, social media, and websites communications for R+M
  • Support trade show and third-party partner initiatives, such as promotional branding
  • Assist with marketing survey research, industry trends, competitive analysis
  • Research potential new clients and their industry
  • Research current marketing trends and digital technologies
  • Learn, grow and teach others along the way

Internship submission schedule and form can be found here. Thank you for your interest!