If talent and personality were to duke it out, my money is on personality hands down. The person behind that personality is on your front line, and your front line is ultimately responsible for winning the hearts, minds and wallets of your market. Ask any hiring manager which of the two gives the most “edge” to getting the job, they’ll probably say, “Personality of course, who wants a talented-robot on their team?” However, when the process becomes formal, this common-sense thinking is often overshadowed by the string of letters after the candidates’ name, their years of experience and their not-too-long-not-too-short bulleted list of capabilities.

True, all of those boxes must be checked before a candidate can even be considered. But do yourself and your bottom line a favor – after you’ve checked your required boxes, draw some new ones that focus on your company’s culture. Passion, rapport, sense of humor …  determine the personality traits that match your culture and find people that will complement those traits and deliver your brand’s message as intended.

Companies looking to grow in spite of this economy have been diligently investing in their people. Internal marketing has proven to lower absenteeism, lessen problems and also lessen staff turnover – in turn, increasing productivity and company earnings. According to a Watson Wyatt Communication ROI study,companies that significantly improved their internal communications effectiveness increased their market value by 19.4 percent.1

Having a team of not just talented people, but ones who know how to make personal connections and create remarkable experiences is an essential tool in building a long line of loyal customers. And the longer the line of loyal customers, the bigger your reward.

Bottom line, personality wins.

1  Watson Wyatt, Effective Communication: A Leading Indicator of Financial Performance – 2005/2006 Communication ROI Study