We recently sent out a content marketing survey asking our network of savvy marketers how they leverage content marketing to strategically position their brand in the marketplace. Here’s what we found …

Measuring Content EffectivenessNot surprising, one of the greatest content marketing challenges respondents experience is measuring content effectiveness and ROI. We get it. You pour your heart and soul into strategy, research, execution and deployment of content. Then you want to make sure you’re leveraging methods to ensure your content is effective and actually getting its intended job done. One way to do that is through marketing automation, which some of our survey respondents told us they use to deploy and measure their content’s effectiveness.

SEO StrategyLack of SEO strategy is another top concern, which consequently results in catapulting your content’s success by making it searchable and findable by your audiences. Check out our previous blog on how to develop content with search visibility top of mind.

Subject Matter ExpertsIn addition, having the right subject matter experts is important to support the development of content was paramount. Which shows us that having a content strategy can’t exist in a vacuum without having the right intellectual capital to deploy against that strategy. How are you cultivating your SMEs?

Repurpose ContentWe also found all of our survey-takers repurpose content, which is music to our ears. Content development can be a huge strain on resources, so being able to slice and dice larger and lengthier pieces of content into smaller “snackable” bits can help lighten the load and deliver more content your audiences will want to consume. Not completely sure how to do that? Here are a few suggestions for developing snackable content.

Your prospects are hungry for relevant content. If you would like to talk more about how to effectively incorporate a content marketing strategy into your marketing, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 919-677-955 or email cms@rmagency.com.