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Saving lives by teaching and empowering children and adults to be confident around water – that’s the goodness that our newest client brings to the table.

Emler Swim Schools has been teaching children to love swimming and stay safe in the water for over 40 years. With locations throughout Texas and Kansas, Emler offers swim lessons for all ages. Their award-winning curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff ensure both parents and children leave feeling “Emler Sure.”

And we’re proud to have been selected by Emler to serve as their full-service, brand experience partner.

Our mission: to differentiate Emler in a growing swim school market; to increase enrollment and retention across nine locations and to clearly communicate the Emler difference through consistent and creative brand communications.

Emler is leveraging R+M’s THIRST® process, which enables organizations to assess, define and direct their unique value proposition (UVP). Through a series of guided steps and exercises we will lay the foundation for an all-encompassing brand experience that emotionally connects with Emler’s customers and differentiates their brand. In addition, Emler will be engaging R+M for communications planning and media planning and buying.

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Interested in learning more about UVP? Be sure to download our whitepaper, the “Top Five Factors That Drive UVP Success.”