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World Leader in Bioinnovation Leverages Internal Culture to Build Recruiting Database

Cary, N.C. – March 24, 2011 – Before committing a large portion of the employee recruitment budget to hiring an outside recruiting company, Novozymes took a closer look at the valued resources inside their company first.

R+M announces the launch of an internal recruiting program to empower employees to refer qualified colleagues to a preferred pool of candidates. At Novozymes “qualified” is not only a reflection of talent, but also one’s ability to fit within the progressive culture. Novozymes intends to acquire no less than 20% of their new hires in 2011 from this employee-referred pool.



“The beautiful thing about Novozymes is that we are not afraid to rethink. And, that culture enables us to move quickly and confidently with initiatives that make sense for our brand and our growth. We are thrilled with the program that R+M is helping us create and put into motion. It will not only raise our brand voice, but also streamline our recruitment investment, freeing dollars for other needs,” shared Darlene Godsey, recruitment and employer branding manager.

The program will launch in March 2011 with an internal launch celebration followed by manager-led presentations. Each step is designed to motivate current employees to reach out to qualified colleagues using a token system, which leads the referral through an online game and opportunity to enter contact information and expertise. In addition to the token system a variety of internal incentives and challenges will be deployed over the course of the program, which will be piloted at their Franklinton, NC location.

“All too often HR and marketing exist on two different planes. An employee referral program is an excellent opportunity for one investment to realize two wins. For HR, its budgets are optimized. For marketing, employees are empowered to convey a story that reinforces the values they share with their company. Win Win,” shares Susan McDonnell, director of brand culture at R+M.

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