PLM Families Together

Amazing people doing amazing things – that’s what our newest client, PLM Families Together (PLMFT), is all about.

PLMFT is a Wake County based (501)(c)(3) nonprofit focused on helping families with children move from homelessness to stable housing through mentoring, housing support and connecting to community resources. Founded in 1980, PLMFT currently serves approximately 140 families made up of 475 individuals, with well more than half under age 15.

PLM Families Together PLM Families Together PLM Families Together

Together, R+M and PLMFT aim to expand PLMFT’s community of individuals, faith groups, foundations, universities, partners and government entities to meet the growing need for homeless services. To do that, PLMFT is engaging R+M’s THIRST® process, which enables organizations to assess, define and direct their unique value proposition (UVP). Through a series of guided steps and exercises we will lay the foundation for PLMFT to more effectively tell their story and communicate meaningful opportunities to join their worthy cause.

Interested in learning more about R+M’s unique process to unearthing your UVP? Well first, you’ve got to be ready. Be sure to download our whitepaper, the “Top Five Factors That Drive UVP Success.”