Primary Contact, R+MLauren Brown, Brand Strategist
Office: 919-677-9555, ext. 18

Primary Contact, Debit SavvyJennifer Linton, Sr. Marketing Manager
Office: 713-739-4249

When DebitSavvy approached R+M to expand awareness of its brand, the company expressed its dedication to one key brand purpose. Young adults continue to enter the work force in a less-than-stellar economy. DebitSavvy recognized the need to educate this generation about smart money management and the benefits of using debit cards to avoid accruing debt. The company has since set out to be a key resource for all things debit and financial management.

R+M’s engagement began with a holistic brand management approach: fully understanding all factors that would shape the DebitSavvy brand, from identifying the target audience to defining key brand messaging. In January of 2012, R+M began expanding the reach of the DebitSavvy brand through the production of robust online content, optimization of’s SEO and management of its social media presence.

R+M’s Executive Vice President Greg Norton says DebitSavvy’s mission is directly aligned with the agency’s passion, making it the perfect partnership.

“Financial independence and stability is a critical component to one’s well-being,” Norton said. “Interestingly, the generation that includes young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 has more access to information, a deeper and more ingrained attachment to technology and more education than any generation our country and world has ever known. Yet, unemployment for millennial men and women is hovering around 14% – nearly 40% higher than the national average. Partnering with DebitSavvy allows us to expand the reach of a really important message to those who need it most.”

DebitSavvy is also proving to be a useful resource for financial institutions that want to introduce younger account holders to the idea of managing money through debit. The brand is encouraging FI’s to use as a roadmap for customers who desire a thorough introduction to debit card use.

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