Primary Contact, R+M: Beverly Murray, Founder and President
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Cary, NC — June 21, 2012 – The brand experience agency celebrated its China Jubilee (china is the traditional gift for 20th anniversaries) with an agency-wide painting and pizza party, followed by a bowling and beer bash. Aside from recounting a few humorous memories, R+M spent the day looking forward, in fact they paused at the seventh frame, because someone had an idea for one of their clients.


Looking forward, the role of marketing is at a turning point. Leaders in marketing must have a seat at the business table. That means understanding the factors that affect profitability, optimizing human resources to command thought leadership and aligning one’s brand to more than features and benefits.

“We are fortunate our clients don’t mind a little brain sweating for their brand,” said agency founder and CEO, Beverly Murray. “And, they recognize that building value is not a department exercise, but a company culture. That’s the key to productive business outcomes. As we look to the next 20 years it is with great anticipation. We focus on brands that positively impact the way we live. I can’t imagine a better lens to fuel our growth and that of our clients.”

About R+M
R+M creates experiences that get people talking about brands that positively impact our health, well-being and social responsibility. The agency’s whole-brand approach leverages traditional tactics alongside unconventional approaches that connect clients with their customers. Though the agency has garnered its share of local and national recognition, it’s most proud of the fact that 80% of its growth comes from referrals. It’s the result of client partnerships built on trust, going above and beyond, delivering, debating and respect. R+M is proud to be Referral Grown. Get activated at