We have great conversations with our clients about how to make their marketing investments a success, from outlining marketing automation and content strategies to establishing a lead scoring approach, from automating behavior-based campaigns to phasing in social media techniques. But one topic garners the greatest attention every time: sales and marketing alignment. Yes, it’s time to work together – really work together.

Let me guess, you’re under pressure to deliver more qualified leads, but are your sales and marketing teams using the same definition for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? You need to report on more metrics, but are your sales and marketing teams consistently tracking conversion and revenue metrics? And you never have folks using outdated collateral, right?

The bottom line is that the misalignment of your sales and marketing teams
is having a significant impact on your ability to be successful.

Ok, now for the good news. You can change this. To aid our clients – and now you – we created an 8-page Sales and Marketing Alignment Guide to help educate and achieve buy-in from the C-suite, foster a productive relationship between sales and marketing leaders and align sales and marketing teams.

Sales and Marketing alignment

Together, you will make the following decisions to fuel the success of your marketing automation and other investments:

  1. Target Audience: WHO matters to our success?
  2. Buy Cycle: WHERE will we influence the purchasing decisions of our target audience?
  3. Messages: WHY will our target audience connect with our brand?
  4. Strategies and Tactics: WHAT assets and activities will exhibit our value?
  5. Definition: HOW will we determine if a lead is qualified?
  6. Measurement and Reporting: WHEN will we hand off a qualified lead?

For each of the six steps, the guide outlines the goal, value, approach and probing questions to get the conversation started. And you’ll have access to presentations to help you introduce the concept and value of sales and marketing alignment to your leadership as well as sales and marketing teams.

Ready to jumpstart your marketing success? Click here to download your Sales and Marketing Alignment Guide.