We turned 25 this year. Wow. Over those 25 years we’ve been through it all – the heyday of the early ‘90s, the lean post-bubble burst years, going from one shared email to the Google Suite. Is it OK to say we’re proud? We are, but humility still prevails.

To celebrate our special anniversary, we took a cooking class at Sur la Table. It seemed only right. Food is a big deal at R+M. We are a family and as a family, we eat lunch together pretty much every day. During these daily “celebrations” we share recipes and cooking tricks, taste each other’s food and laugh a lot. It’s quite festive for such a seemingly mundane routine. So it naturally made sense to celebrate over “home-cooked” pasta.

You can see from the pictures, we did it up big time. In fact, Brett (from our Scotland office), even made a guest appearance. We want to send a special shoutout and thank you to Chef Teresa for being an awesome host/teacher and putting up with our shenanigans.

Throughout the rest of the year, we will be sharing some of our favorite memories through Twitter and Instagram so stay tuned to #ourbest25. Follow along, engage and let’s laugh together some more. Thank you for your support.


Images captured by Kelley Bennett