Primary Contact, R+M: Beverly Murray, President
Office: 919-677-9555, ext. 18

Cary, NC – February 29, 2012 – Walmart recently launched an online engagement strategy called The contest enables individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to pitch their product to the general, online public. The top three vote getters have the opportunity to be featured in stores, on and in other marketing support materials — a seemingly smart strategy.

Get on the Shelf Website, a leading source of breaking news in food and beverage developments, wondered whether Walmart’s new marketing strategy was reflective of an emerging consumer engagement trend or just plain gimmick.

Nationally recognized marketing experts were asked to weigh in, including Beverly Murray, president of R+M. She shared, “The question for Walmart is whether its brand is ready to play by the new rules. Consumers are savvy to sniffing out a gimmick from a commitment.” And, she added, “The social landscape has the power to topple governments and build superstars with the click of a vote., whereas an astute engagement strategy, will only realize its potential if the company’s future actions support it.”