Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of Disney. Walt Disney World (WDW) the theme park, to be specific. The movies are great (PIXAR included.) The merchandise, although expensive, is nice. And I certainly can’t complain they own Marvel now. I am a True Believer after all. Thanks Stan Lee.

WDW is where it’s at for me. That’s where you can experience the brand to it’s fullest.

Recently, a friend of mine, Mike, was vacationing at WDW and went to dinner after a long day in the park. After the meal, the waiter asked the members of his party if he could interest them in a dessert. Each person ordered, but when the waiter asked Mike what he would like, Mike said, “Nothing”. He was pretty stuffed and didn’t feel like eating dessert.

new nothing

The waiter returned with everyone’s desserts and gave Mike a plate with the word “Nothing” written in chocolate syrup. That was brilliant. Everyone had a good laugh and the desserts tasted that much better, including Mike’s, because the waiter took the time to make a memorable moment. How many places can you go in the world and get nothing and like it?

That’s why Mike (and countless others like me) go back to WDW time and time again. It’s not for the rides or the $8 hamburgers. It’s for the small, magical moments like that. We vacation there for the experience.

WDW provided a positive brand experience to the guests that ordered desserts and even to the one that didn’t. We should all strive to do that. Think about the product or service you provide and consider the total experience of your customer. Take every opportunity to connect with your customer, even when they’re not buying. If you can, you’ll create a loyalist.

Expect more posts from me on how WDW gets it.