Wake County (Raleigh, NC) is often ranked as a #1 place to live, work and play by well-respected publications (MONEY, Forbes, etc.). Yet driving along our roadways shows we may not be living up to our #1 status when it comes to being clean and green.

The County Commissioners were looking for a solution that would motivate people to restore pride in our community. We were selected from a group of 15 agencies to put our thinking to work.

From the beginning, we knew we had to build something bigger than a campaign. To be effective and sustainable we needed to create a movement.

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The origins of the term 86it are debatable (give it a Google), but its definition is perfect: “to get rid of something; to throw it out.” It’s smart and it has definite sticking power to be a rallying cry. Welcome to the 86it Anti-Litter Movement.

When it came to developing the logo, we studied the globally recognizable “Put Litter In Its Place,” which we dubbed “Chopped Man.” While it may be an ugly logo, it showed us we needed a spokesperson – with personality.

To create the logo, we did something we’d never done before: we hired a local, renowned artist (Paul Friedrich). The Raleigh area is a huge supporter of the arts and the tie to the arts and beautification was a perfect fit.

We went through a lot of iterations. Chuck needed to have pizazz, that certain je ne sais quoi. Then we found him.


Our research showed a positive message resonates deeper than a negative, more punitive one. So we developed a tagline that gave trashcans the dignity they deserve.


We utilized a local puppeteering company to construct a Chuck mask. Here he is at his New Years Eve debut. He was quite a hit with children of all ages. Even Sooners.


“R+M’s level of creativity and attention to detail was evident throughout our selection process. Convincing people to stop littering is a difficult assignment. R+M went beyond just presenting different ways to get our message out. They focused more on how to use that message to create permanent, sustainable behavior change.”

Matt Roylance, Former Deputy Director, Wake County Environmental Services

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