NC Department of Public Instruction

Our state of North Carolina and the Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) have taken the initiative to rethink teaching standards — how we assess our students and how to hold schools accountable.

North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction collaborated with the Governor’s office, the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent to begin implementing an extremely ambitious realignment of our educational standards.

Not only was implementing these sweeping changes a daunting task, but communicating them effectively was a major concern. We worked with DPI to strategically develop an effective course of action to package and unveil the new standards, assessments and accountability to teachers, principals and parents.

Services We Delivered

Market Research
Product Naming
Brand Guide + Identity Development
Employee Brand Alignment
Print + Digital Creative
Sales Collateral + Support
We developed the READY name and a logo that quickly conveyed our passion for preparing students for college, career and adulthood.
An integral part of the READY program is a new technology platform. We named this platform Home Base, conveying a place that starts with possibilities and ends with success. We also designed the logo to visually work in conjunction with the READY logo. Watch WRAL’s detailed report on our state’s new student inform system, Home Base.
We then streamlined the message for each audience and developed a brand guide to help DPI communicate internally and externally with clear language. Among other collateral support we designed a graphic timeline to visually, and transparently, convey the milestones of change leading up to the READY launch.
North Carolina’s READY program was 1 of 5 states awarded as a P21 Leadership State for integrating 21st Century skills into our policies, practice and professional development.
To help explain these new programs to all those concerned, we developed an animation. Through powerful words, design and music we captured the excitement and possibilities of this challenging step forward.

“Love it! Single best piece of promo work we’ve seen!”

Vanessa Jeeter, Director of Communications, NC DPI

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