John McAdams started his eponymous design and engineering firm in 1979 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Today, with locations in Durham and Charlotte, McAdams is highly touted and well respected for their talents throughout the Southeast.

But as they continue to grow, clients and prospects are not always aware of their increasing list of capabilities and sector expertise. It was time for their brand to better reflect their talents through an evolutionary update.

Services We Delivered

Unique Value Proposition
Brand Identity Development
Internal Launch Strategy
Digital Creative (emails, video)
Web Design + SEO
Commercialization Strategy

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“The dialogue and collaboration has been perfect, which will undoubtedly yield the very best results for the McAdams brand.”

Mike Munn, CEO, McAdams

Their Brand Promise

To help reshape their brand we needed to capture their true differentiation – one they could own, defend and live consistently at every touch point. To do that effectively, we incorporated our THIRST® process.

During the Brand Awareness phase of our THIRST process, we interview and survey employees. Their responses provide an unfiltered look into the brand, both positive and negative. We use that insight, as well as other components of the collaborative process, to start shaping their brand and developing their Brand Promise.

We are united by a shared vision. Through our unity, we will be thoughtful and responsible in achieving your goals. We will stand by your side and take ownership of every decision we make together. We will inspire one another to think bigger. Because only together can we create experiences that go from vision to achievement, which will energize our communities.

We developed a tagline to highlight their differentiation of creating experiences in everything they do.

We thoughtfully developed their website through the lens of their customers by focusing relevant content around each specific primary audience’s needs, rather than just showcasing a pretty portfolio.

2017 Trifecta Winner of the Zweig Group’s Hot Firm List

Marketing Excellence Award recipient
Hot Firm – placing 29th for fastest growth of all A/E/C consulting firms (up from 38th last year)
Best Firm to Work For – placing 16th of all Civil Engineer consulting firms

Since site launch, McAdams experienced 44% increase in organic traffic and 19.5% decrease in bounce rate.

Mary Heath, Chief Marketing Officer, McAdams

Don’t Just Be Unique