In the world of clinical studies, Interactive Response Technology (IRT) systems automate patient and drug management at the study site. These systems greatly reduce errors while increasing efficiencies. But when a trial can cost in excess of $500 million, a few hundred thousand dollars for an IRT system regrettably minimizes its importance.

That’s not how Cenduit sees it. As the world’s largest IRT specialist, Cenduit believes the site is the most important part of the study. Getting patients enrolled, staying enrolled, staying on protocol, staying motivated is a huge task. That’s why Cenduit focuses solely on IRT at the site. Because when patients are happier, sites are happier and ultimately, trials benefit.

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When you’re world’s largest IRT specialist, you need to yell it from the big top. We developed Cenduit’s tradeshow experience around their singular focus specialty – The One Trick Pony. Zoltar was even there dispensing words of wisdom about what a specialized IRT could provide for attendees’ clinical trials.

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“This has been an extremely positive experience. The whole team is really motivated to participate next year after this year’s awesome booth experience.  Nothing but positive news to report!”

John Cline, former VP of Client Services, Cenduit

Cenduit is owned by Quintiles, the world’s largest clinical research organization (CRO). They’re so big, they often don’t even consider Cenduit when selecting an IRT partner. We put an end to that.

The Royal Order of Cenduit is a double-secret familial society that only grants membership to those special Quintilians.

“Duit” is the Order’s mascot. He’s a falcon that represents vigilance, devotion and a can-duit spirit.
To remind members of the society, we sent out custom M&M’s with a letter stating, those few who find a white “Duit” in their purple M&M’s would win a prize.
In addition to nurturing our relationship with Quintiles, we pushed relevant content to prospects through a strategic media buy, which reduced the cost per lead by 57% with ½ the budget.

“Concept and execution were superb. Loved the cards, texture, weight, embossing, the whole nine. The falcon is excellent. This has significant legs that we will leverage for quite some time. As always great work.”

John Cline, former VP of Client Services, Cenduit

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